Horse & Pony Aug-Oct 2016

Crazy for horses
HP: I wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for publishing the article about the Mount Traber Bible Camp (HP May 2016). Every year we try to reach a new segment of horse and non-horse people to tell them about the camp. We are continuously improving the horses and the program we offer. So thanks again for giving us the space to submit the article.  I also wanted to mention an article in the same issue that touched me: “On a lighter note... Workload,” by Teresa Alexander-Arab. I identified with this article so much. Janet and my husband and I just moved to Shubie with our own two horses, and we also, at times, have a camp horse or pony there too. People think we are crazy, but the way Teresa described the experience of keeping your horses at home was perfect.
     Thanks for putting articles like that in the magazine. All the articles were great this month—very informative and interesting.  Great job.

Nancy Hynes
Shubenacadie, N.S.