Horse & Pony May-July 2014

Surprise! (a baby mule)
HP: A few days before April Fool’s Day, Richard and Rosemary Jones of Woodville, N.S., were surprised to find a baby mule in their barn. Their daughter, Rae-Ann, bought what she thought was a very plump pony mare.  This sweet little mule has a donkey’s black cross on his shoulders and spine and stripes on his legs.  He is calm and friendly. Rae-Ann’s daughter, Kamryn, thinks “Si” (Simon) is pretty cute!
Kim Foote 
Cambridge Station, N.S.

Miss independent
HP: My foal Raine, was born on April 7, 7:30 am. She is out of my stud Coosas Moocho Bueno. The morning she was born she went for her first adventure. My mare Cinnamon didn’t show me any of the normal signs so we put her out as usual. Shortly after, I came back and Cinnamon was hollering and pacing. I looked in the direction she was looking and there she was. Baby Raine, while trying to get to her feet, fell through the fence and was in with the old mare. She then crawled through the other side of the fence and was heading towards the big embankment. We carried her over both fences and back safely to mama. 
    Raine has been a very free spirited little filly. When she was two days old she had no problem leaving mama’s side and wandering out of her sight. 
Danielle Richard
Pleasantville N.S.

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