Zack Metcalfe’s Antlers of the East piece from Rural Delivery July-August 2018

A.E. Smith’s award-winning story about Nova Scotia blacksmith John Little “A life in iron, and in art” from Rural Delivery September 2018

Emily Leeson’s “Spreading gypsum” piece from Rural Delivery May 2019

Implementation update From Atlantic Forestry March 2019

Import replacement
Repairing the economic leakage that drains wealth out of rural communities

Career trajectory
Robert Cervelli, of St. Margaret’s Bay, N.S., is a biotech entrepreneur and botanist. To read Rural Delivery’s follow-up interview touching on his career before he co-founded the Centre for Local Prosperity, visit

So many dead herring
Citizen scientists tackle a marine mystery in Southwest Nova Scotia

Bob Bancroft's eulogy at the mock funeral for Nova Scotia forests

Nova Scotia Forestry Review link

BC Wildfire Links

Farmland for farming, forever from Rural Delivery September 2017

Cow-powered pump from Rural Delivery July - August 2017

Food Policy for Canada link:

Where are the swifts and swallows? from Rural Delivery April 2017

What’s left in Nova Scotia’s forest soil bank account? from Atlantic Forestry July 2017

No time like the present for district heating from Atlantic Forestry May 2017

Off-roading Rural Delivery May 2017 Editorial

Nova Scotia Biorefinery report:

Atlantic Teachers’ Tour:    

Nova Scotia Field Guide to Forest Biodiversity Stewardship:

 Air Drying of Lumber:

Estimates of Air Drying Times for Several Hardwoods and Softwoods:

Swifts and Swallows link at

Living Energy Laboratory link:

Organic Pesticides: 
Permitted Substances List, Canadian Organic Standards:
Searchable Organic Inputs Directory:   
A Whole-Farm Approach to Managing Pests bulletin:
A Total System Approach to Sustainable Pest Management:
Organic Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management:
Cornell Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management:

Safe Food for Canadians Regulations:

Safe Food Regulations webinars:

Safe Food Regulations consultation:

Single axle by Jane Fowler

A little light logging by Jane Fowler

A rare breeds renaissance by Jane Fowler

Daily grind by Jane Fowler

NBCLT Surveys for Landowners

On-site sewage regs

For N.S.:

For N.B.:

For P.E.I.:

Farm Ponds Factsheet:The fact sheet titled “Farm Ponds,” prepared by the Atlantic Committee on Agricultural Engineering in 1984, describes how to estimate the amount of water collected from catchment areas, according to the type of ground cover.

EastGen Atlantic 2016

1978 RD layout work bee


Freeman mill land purchase: 
PID spreadsheet

Blueberry Hills Farm


2016 Maritime Beef Conference link to PDF

What it takes to kill a lamb by A. Swan. link to PDF

Egg Farmers of NS New Entrant Program

The government of NB website:

Small scale energy
“Life Off Grid”


Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers

Nova Scotia rider wins team silver at Pan Am Games

Allied Cats

Not just for the birds

Provincial 4-H show resluts 

ACORN link

CleanOcean Action link

Meat cutting and processing

“Soap recipe”
Budget 101 --

Atlantic Therapy Horse of the Year

2015 NBCP Beef Cattle Herd Initiatives

Modern Shepherd

Feed finance

National Beef Strategy


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Matt McFarlane Music

International Year of Soils
National New Farmer Coalition 

Falls Brook Free School

meat cutting short course

Sheep Tag

P.E.I government website and the market reports from Atlantic Stockyards agricultural market reports on the P.E.I government website
market reports from Atlantic Stockyards

A Tree Classification System for New Brunswick:
Système de classification des tiges du Nouveau-Brunswick:


NB June 2015 audit

Biofuels conference

EU woody biomass study

NS watercourse alteration guide

How to save a school

Holstein Canada Master Breeders

Community garden
FCC AgriSpirit Fund:
EC Foundation of PEI:

Atlantic Journalism Awards:

Panuke Harvest Review


Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Sheep

Local Prosperity

NS Mineral Resources Act discussion paper

Northern Pulp industrial approval draft

River John Square Knitters

Old Home week results
Beef results
Sheep results


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Thrasher 002
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Grass Fed Beef: An Edge for Atlantic Beef Producers