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We're looking for people who can tell a story, spin a good yarn, or tell it like they see it. Not everyone is a professional writer, and you don’t need to be in order to be published in our magazines. If you can write a letter or an email to friends and family, you can write for us. All it takes is a good story idea and some work to flesh it out.

Query Letters

The first step to being published in one of DvL’s publications is to send a query letter. We invite both writers and photographers to submit brief query letters detailing prospective stories for publication in any one of our print or online magazines. Before sending your letter, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the publication you wish to write for.

Direct all query letters to In the subject field of your email, please type, “Query Letter” followed by the magazine you’re seeking to be published in. For those people who prefer traditional mail, please send your query letters to:

DvL Publishing  PO Box 1509  Liverpool, NS  B0T 1K0

After your query has been sent, you will receive a reply via email acknowledging receipt within a few days. Due to the volume of submissions sent to us at DvL, we aren’t able to proceed with every great idea that comes across our desk, but we do try our best to get back to you with feedback. If you haven’t heard from us in a month and you’d like to know the status of your query, we invite you to contact us using the email above.