Household Notes July-August 2019

Hide from the heat

We have a few fast and delicious foods for this issue, and this sudden heat. First off, an easy and wonderful pasta from filmmaker Aube Giroux, who lives in Nova Scotia, and who has had more than a passing interest in food for her entire life. She has a video blog, Kitchen Vignettes, now a series on PBS Food, from which we are sharing this recipe for Nettle Fettuccine. Go to page 35 to read Emily Leeson’s article about Giroux and her full-length documentary, Modified, exploring GMOs.

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Household Notes June 2019

Summer meal mode

It’s June and meals need to be easy, with not too much cleanup involved. These recipes fit the bill. Tasty, nutritious, and not time consuming. There are so many fresh vegetables at the farmers’ markets that sometimes it’s hard to choose. Try an old favourite and switch it up with something new to you and your family. It’s hard to be disappointed when there is such a variety available.

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Household Notes May 2019

Everything is springing back

Everything is greening fast. Soon time to mow the grass. Maybe over time, we have already picked up a few ticks in our yard. I’m old school. I want a quick fix and would like to burn the tall dried growth in my backdoor yard, mostly oregano. Today, so it will flush green with tomorrow’s predicted rain. But I won’t. I will wait and scythe it, or at least pound it down with the scythe blade until the new plants grow up through it.

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Household Notes December 2018

Bake your way through December
It’s a cold, windy, snowy, rainy day. All the little ones are making snowmen and asking if it’s time to get a Christmas tree. I do concede it’s a good day to start baking. I’m not in any kind of holiday spirit; I just hope it might warm up the house. And therefore we have mostly baked yummy recipes this month. The one exception is this salad using fresh local produce from the farmers’ market and a dressing I want to add to everything.

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Household Notes September 2018

We are jammed and in a pickle!

It is August as we put this issue together, and there are zucchinis and cucumbers and tomatoes hiding under every leaf. And the blueberries are producing faster than we can pick them; especially since every handful of blueberries is accompanied by an equal number of mosquito bites. Now I can see the daily growth of wild blackberries, and the apples are ripening. Oh dear, time to breathe.

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Household Notes December 2017

   It’s almost December and people are getting their holiday baking planned, prepped, and packaged. Full disclosure: I don’t like gummy anythings – not in food, on food, or even sitting on a plate staring at me with their little gooey eyes. Some people love their traditional gum drop cakes, cookies, squares, breads, and even martinis. Not even alcohol can bring gummies to my lips. But that’s okay. I’m here to share readers’ favourites, and I’m happy to offer two gum drop recipes this issue.

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